“Hearing is Seeing” The Sound Works of Cynthia Ton

“Interested in the notion of creating sensory experiences and the relationship between wearer and garment, the objective for this collection is to explore the sense of sound as an action to perceive and interact with fashion.

The purpose of the collection is to creating an immersive experience for both the wearer and spectator, presenting them with an interactive stimulus. The garments are designed to allow the clothed body to be used as an instrument in order to produce sound through movement.

Hence through this collection, the aim is to progress from perceiving fashion through not just sight, but to also acknowledge and grasp everything we hear, feel and see, as all our senses are interlinked to create an influential experience.” – Cynthia Ton

Model: Rebekah Leah Tucker

Photographer: Eric Trinh

Collection by: Cynthia Ton http://www.cynthiaton.com/

Makeup and Hair: Ayrlie Lane



A traditional themed wedding photoshoot in late Spring 2014, wandering through the flowering meadows of Campbell’s Croft park.

Location: Campbell’s Croft

Model: Amrita Sharma

Photographer: Carmen Hibbins

Flowers: Blackgate Flowers and Foliage

Makeup, Hair and Styling: Ayrlie Lane